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This  page provides a wide range of information for deaf and hard of hearing survivors, their families, and friends.  This page is also helpful for employers, businesses, and government agencies in Arizona who are interested in providing equal opportunity and equal access for deaf or hard of hearing survivors.  

All of this information may be shared to inform and educate others. Contact Us if you have any questions.

If you are in Arizona and need help immediately, check out ACSDV’s “Get Help” page. DANE Advocacy staff are available 24/7 via email: Please only contact us from an email address your abuser does not have access to. 

Collaborating with DANE Advocacy


As a partner to shelter agencies, DANE focuses on significantly enriching the level of accommodations provided to Deaf survivors. We equip shelters with specialized resources and training, ensuring an environment that is not only accessible but also deeply attuned to the communication and cultural needs of the Deaf community.


DANE Advocacy is committed to ensuring that all shared spaces and programs are fully accessible to the Deaf community. We work collaboratively with partners to implement necessary adaptations and provide resources, guaranteeing that services and support are inclusive and meet the specific needs of Deaf individuals.”


Embracing learning about the Deaf community is a key step in enhancing your ability to support survivors effectively. By working with DANE, you gain invaluable insights and understanding, positioning you to offer more empathetic and informed support to those in need.


ANE Advocacy strongly believes in the power of collaboration for effective advocacy. By joining forces with community partners, we leverage a range of expertise and resources, ensuring comprehensive support and enhanced advocacy efforts for the Deaf community’s unique needs and challenges.


DANE’s collaboration with other agencies is centered on building trust and confidence in their ability to serve the Deaf community effectively. Our expertise and resources empower these agencies to enhance their services, ensuring they are well-equipped and confident in addressing the specific needs of Deaf individuals.


DANE prioritizes a trauma-informed framework in all collaborations, ensuring that our community partners are equipped to understand, recognize, and respond to the effects of trauma. This approach fosters a supportive and empathetic environment, crucial for the healing and empowerment of survivors from the Deaf community.

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