Projects & Volunteering

Together we can change the world. Find out more about survivors of Violence

20th December

Holiday Boxes

Be on the look out for locations you can donate goods! Read more below for food and gift ideas!

Starts January 2024

Support Groups

Support groups for survivors of violence run by DANE Advocacy and their volunteers!

February 2024

TDVAM Workshops

We are actively collaborating with ACDHH to organize Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month workshops in schools for the Deaf and mainstream educational programs.

How you can help

Here are different ways to support DANE Advocacy and help the Deaf community

Participate in Fundraisers

2023 Holiday Box Program!

Be on the Board!

Your Generous Gift Will Bring Joy And Purpose To Survivors of Violence in Arizona!


Small donations make a big difference. The cost of your morning drink can help support survivors of violence. Thank you for contributing to positive change. Keep inspiring!


DANE Advocacy collaborates with the ACESDV Coalition's statewide helpline to offer support services for individuals entering shelters. Additionally, we are developing emergency funds to assist with hotel accommodations for those in need.

Safety Planning

Our advocates are proficient in American Sign Language and work closely with individuals skilled in ProTactile/Tactile communication. If you require assistance, please reach out to us. Remember, having a safety plan is a crucial component in leading a life free from violence.


Looking for resources for low-income housing, food assistance, job placement, or other employment services? Our advocates have the right contacts to help you. Email us today for assistance!


Food is a fundamental necessity. The DANE Advocacy team is dedicated to ensuring you have access to food by providing direct assistance and connecting you with local food resources. Please reach out to us; you don't have to face hunger alone.

Case Management

If you're grappling with the challenges of either planning to leave or having just left a difficult situation and are uncertain about how to manage everything, our team is here to support and work alongside you.

Become a Volunteer

Together We Can Change The World!