Meet our Board

Amy Badami

Board Secretary

Lindsay Janes

Board Member

Tomeka King

Board treasurer

Andre Simons

Board President

What is the role of the board?

As the governing body of the organization, the DANE Board is instrumental in steering the organization toward fulfilling its mission. This involves maintaining the organization’s financial health and upholding legal and ethical standards throughout its operations.

How much time do you contribute?

The time commitment for the DANE Board members can vary, but typically, they devote a significant amount of time to ensure the effective functioning of the organization. This includes attending regular board meetings, participating in strategic planning sessions, overseeing financial and operational matters, and engaging in various committee roles and advocacy efforts. The exact time contribution may differ among members based on their roles and the current needs of the organization.

What is your organization mission?

Deaf Abuse Network and Education (DANE) is committed to supporting victims and survivors in Arizona Deaf communities to end intimate partner violence through education, advocacy, empowerment, and prevention.


Interested individuals can begin their journey towards becoming a board member at DANE Advocacy by completing our board application. The process from application to becoming a full board member typically spans 6 months to a year. This duration is necessary to ensure thorough screening and adherence to our agency’s protocols. This comprehensive process is crucial in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of our board, ensuring that all members align with our mission and values and are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to our cause.

Our Team


Mary Pat McAlevy


LIza Smith


Mailing Address


PO Box 7603 Chandler, AZ 85246

EIN: 84-4759589

Primary Contact

Mary Pat McAlevy

Board Contact